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Better service for customers in Aviation sector of Kazakhstan October 26, 2016

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Rosma has come long and succesful way in aviation. Started as a small supplier with local warehouse in Nizhniy Novgorod we proceed as a large  company that offers full range of aviation chemicals at unique conditions: products always in stock in 6 regional warehouses from St. Petersburg to Y.Sakhalinsk, prompt delivery, AOG service for Moscow airport hubs and online shop for pilots

Above mentioned possibilities are exceptional for customers in Russia.

Our markets as well as our experience are developing. All experience we got in Russia we are ready to spread to countries of Eurasian Union, and primerily to Kazakhstan.
Since 2002 until today we supplied products to Kazakhstan by export contracts on FCA/DAP/CPT/DDU supply basis.
In 2016 we have made a next step - open the company based in Kazakhstan Republic: TOO Rosma-Ug. The company is created to work on internal market and to pay all duties and taxes required by government of Kazakhstan.

It will make significantly easy to buy foreighn products for Kazakstan companies, ensure manufacturer's quality standarts of aviation products and shorten terms of delivery from local warehouse that will be opened in Almaty.
According to plans of Rosma for 2017, aviation customers in Kazakhstan will get access to all services of Rosma that is now available for Russian customers.

To get aviation products in Kazakhstan you will be offered local agreement in Tenge includicng VAT 12%. All documents required according to Kazakhstan laws will be sent alongwith products.

"ZAO Rosma" invites you to cooperate with "TOO Rosma Ug" in Kazakstan!

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