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TNK company is the first company in Russian market that started development and introduction of lubricants of premium quality. The company has leading positions in product assortment and in number of OEM approvals. In 2013 in connection with owner change, “TNK Lubricants” renamed to “RN (Rosneft) Lubricants”. Rosneft is one of the world-largest petroleum company. European level of synergistic effect doubtless gives excellent result.

JSC “Rosma” is an official distributor of JSC “TNK Lubricants” since 2005. In 2011 Rosma company was honored with title “Company's gold fund” from “NTK Lubricants”.

Produce catalogue

Минеральные компрессорные масла12
ТНК Компрессор VDL 320, ТНК Компрессор VDL 220, ТНК Компрессор VDL 150, ТНК Компрессор VDL 100, ТНК Компрессор VDL 68, ТНК Компрессор VDL 46, ТНК Компрессор VDL 32, КС-19П, ТНК GEO 408, ТНК Синтез Газ 32, ТНК Синтез Газ 46, ТНК Турбо Компрессор Кп-8С
ТНК Гидравлик ZF 46, ТНК Гидравлик ZF 68, ТНК Редуктор CLP 150, ТНК МНС 220, ТНК МНС 100, ТНК МНС 68, ТНК Велосит 10, ТНК Велосит 7, ТНК Форм Ойл 150, ТНК Форм Ойл 135, ТНК Форм Ойл 68, ТНК Форм Ойл 10, Бетрол
Transformer oils1
Turbine oils2
TP-22s grade 2, TP-22s grade 1

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