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NK “Rosneft”- MZ “Nefteproduct

OJSC “NK “Rosneft”- MZ “Nefteproduct”” was founded in 1968. The plant manufactures wide range of lubricating, protective and corrosion preventive materials, which are capable to work in temperature interval of -70 °С to +1000 °С. The products of the plant include aviation oils and greases, marine lubricants and special additives.

In 2012 high level of cooperation between JSC “Rosma” and OJSC “NK “Rosneft”- MZ “Nefteproduct”” was officially noted by the top management of the plant.

Produce catalogue
NK “Rosneft”- MZ “Nefteproduct

Conservation and corrosion prevention fluids3
PINS-AT, PINS NG-222 AF, Rifle oil RZH
Oils for aviation engines and auxiliary power units1
VT 301
VNII NP-225, VNII NP-254 (Atlanta), VNII NP-232, VNII NP-261 (SAPFIR), VNII NP-231, VNII NP-242, ORBITA (VNII NP-543), PFMS-4S, SEDA, Graphite grease (USSA), VNII NP-207, AMS-3
Transmission oils1

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