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Moscow refinery plant

Since the moment OJSC “Moscow refinery plant” (MNMZ) was founded in 1925 and till nowadays, the main rule of the plant is to use qualitative raw materials and ensure strict conformity to government standards. The products manufactured by the plant counts about 100 items. Half of the items were firstly put into production directly in the plant. Till today there are unique technologies and products, which are manufactured by MNMZ only. The main products manufactured by the plant are aviation oils, vacuum oils, special composites, special greases and suspensions.

JSC “Rosma” is an official distributor of OJSC « Moscow refinery plant » since 2008

Produce catalogue
Moscow refinery plant

Oils and fluids for hydraulic systems2
7-50с-3, AMG-10
Oils for aviation engines and auxiliary power units6
B-3V, LZ-240, VNII NP 50-1-4U, VNII NP 50-1-4F, SM-4,5, MS-8p
ZZK-Зu, Litol - 24, OKB 122-7, GOI-54p, Ciatim-205, Grease 1-13, Grease No.9, VNII NP-281, VNII NP-282, ERA, Ciatim-221, Ciatim-201

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