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The business was established almost 50 years ago, during which time R-MC have developed a range of bespoke engine cleaning equipment and OEM approved products for industrial, aviation, marine and automotive markets. We are the original pioneers of on-line Gas Turbine compressor cleaning and since those early days have continued to develop products and methods that can maximise compressor efficiency and power output.

All the fluids are aqueous based but contain compounds that allow them to stay in solution at temperatures in excess of 400ºC, ensuring the dirt is carried to the end of the compressor. The blend of thermally stable surfactants, inhibitors, chelating agents and high temperature carriers combined with multi-high-pressure fluid injection technology provide a total cleaning concept.

The features of working with R-MC are :

  • On and Off-line Gas Turbine compressor washing

  • Restoring compressor efficiency and performance, minimising lost revenue

  • Removal of compressor fouling from compressor blades

  • Reduction in exhaust gas temperatures

  • Reduced exhaust NOx emissions

  • Gas path cleaning, air charge coolers and turbo chargers

  • OEM approved wash skids and cleaning fluids

  • Patented aqueous cleaning fluids and On/Off-line delivery systems

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